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Independent Sales Representative

GroupFund is a rapidly growing team of group and team fundraiser pros looking for a motivated, top-notch Outside Sales Representative to join our remote team immediately. Our Outside Sales Representative is passionate about helping groups and teams to raise funds for the things they need most using our industry-leading fundraising platform.  
Outside Sales Representative Responsibilities: 

  • Assist in the development and implementation of fundraising campaigns and strategies 

  • Ensure top-notch customer service at the events with the promotional marketing staff 

  • Consult in client compliance 

  • Additional responsibilities as directed 

Outside Sales Representative Requirements:

  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit, creative thinking, and relentless drive for success 

  • Have strong Customer Service skills 

  • Can follow a proven process 

  • Highly competitive and want to win 

  • Can take rejection and learn from it 

  • Willing to try new approaches and techniques

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USA Fundraisers

P.O. Box 294

Mont Belvieu, TX 77580


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